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Concerning Proposal #21

by Jeff at 26/09/05 11:36 PM

To answer a common question I have been receiving about Proposal #21:

Some players have pointed out that after Proposal #22 was accepted, nobody received any oven mitts. This is not the case, all players who voted Yes on that proposal did receive oven mitts, however, this is not shown in the action log. I chose to implement it this way because according to VIII-8, "each individual player's vote will not be made public at any time", and posting who received oven mitts for voting Yes would break that rule. Of course, the items a player holds are public, so if you are watching carefully you could theoretically determine each player's vote on an accepted proposal. (I realize this is sort of contradictory, but as with all proposals, I am trying my best to keep the ruleset as consistent as possible, and I feel this is the best possible implementation in this case).

So to summarize, you will receive an oven mitt for voting Yes on an accepted proposal, but this fact will not be found in the Action Log.