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Proposal #22 Potential Typo/Issue

by The Founder at 21/09/05 1:08 PM

In the change to Borks, it was stated that "If the target has three or more Cookies of both types then the Bork grabs one of each." This means that, if I hold 3 (or more) Dark Cookies, and 3 (or more) Light Cookies, that a Bork would grab one of each.

However, under the current wording, if I hold 3 (or more) of one type of Cookie, and less than 3 of the other kind, the Bork will not grab one of each.

But all this might be moot, because the sentence before ("If the target has a Dark Cookie and a Light Cookie it grabs both"), which if Jeff interprets it a certain way, will cause a Bork to grab one of each no matter the amount that the targetted player has (I'd like an official ruling on the Bork part, if possible. I could see it going either way, depending on the implementation).