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Re(4): Nomopoly Questions
Posted on March 18, 2005 at 02:29:18 AM by Jeff

The stress level usually isn't that big of a deal for me. Except maybe the end of Nomopoly I when we had huge flame wars going on the message board after the whole 10^3000000 dollar thing.

Honestly, I'm running these games since I'm up for the challenge.

Starting with Nomopoly II I automated the process of generating the website with a Java program. Basically the entire game state at any time was stored in an XML file, and I would personally perform all actions by editing this game state. The Java program would then generate all of the pages on the website. This saved me a HUGE amount of time doing updates (compared to Nomopoly I when I edited all the HTML by hand. Ugh.) The only issue was to write the source code well at the start, especially making sure that I could easily make minor changes to it as the rules changed.

In the future when I have enough money to get a high speed internet connection I would like to try the CivNomic idea we've been discussing below.

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