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The immutable me.
Posted on March 13, 2005 at 05:29:44 PM by anti-polar

It is my belief that the immutable rule should not work as stated.
I say should because Jeff is going with the spirit in which the rule was instigated.

Immutable is defined by
is defined as:
Not subject or susceptible to change.
not subject or susceptible to change or variation in form or quality or nature; "the view of that time was that all species were immutable, created by God" [syn: changeless] [ant: mutable]

Now Jeff has taken this to mean that this definition is only takes the current rules into account.

This is fine however the fact that rule section VIII allows the possibility of change of ANY aspect of the game.

From this we go back to the immutable deff 1 "Not subject or susceptible to change." I am most interested in the word susceptible. Susceptible is defined as:
Easily influenced or affected: “She suddenly was too susceptible to her past” (Jimmy Breslin).
Likely to be affected: susceptible to colds.
Especially sensitive; highly impressionable.
Permitting an action to be performed; capable of undergoing: a statement susceptible of proof; a disease susceptible to treatment.

So since any aspect of the game can be changed by a new rule whether it is or is not becomes irrelevant. The fact remains that anything "can" be changed nothing else matters.

For this discussion I was forced to us a spell checker so as to avoid semantics.