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Judgement on Exploit Blocks
Posted on February 24, 2005 at 04:15:00 PM by Jeff

There's been some ambiguity as to how the exploit blocks work, so I've come to a final judgement on this.

As the rules state, all actions made by a player will take place in the order that player specified. If two or more players make actions that depend on each other, each player alternately takes one action at a time. Now, I cannot exclude posting an exploit block from these rules. Posting the exploit block is an action, just like any other, and the time you post it will determine when it happens relative to *your* other actions. If another player makes other actions, they could potentially come first, and if you perform other actions before posting the block, they come first.

So, an exploit block does NOT necessarily block all uses of that exploit during that update.

I'm sorry if some of you disagree with this, but this is the only interpretation of the rule that works without pausing the game due to paradox. Any questions, feel free to respond here - I'll do my best to check the message board frequently and reply.