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Re(3): (no subject)
Posted on February 17, 2005 at 08:58:15 PM by Silver Car

Grease: aren't you only able to grease your own squares? and when you slide on grease, you only actually "land" on the final square. So all you can actualy do is if you own two squares in a row you can make a player land on the second square instead of the first. Doesn't sound very useful

Autoshuffler: The probability of getting a single card is 1 in 52. Even if you traded in 20 cards, the probability of getting the exact cards you need is still extremely low, and would require a large number of autoshuflers to do. If a player wants to buy that many, go right ahead.

I personally think this is a neat rule, and yes there are probably some little loopholes in it, but remember we do have exploit blocking in the game. If it is accepted (and I am most likely going to vote yes on it) you can block the loopholes.