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Posted on February 1, 2005 at 10:54:25 PM by ChinDoGu

So be subtle. Find a way that dosent show the loophole, but closes it, and propose the change.

all your achieving here is to look like a "Mightier than thou" fool. Your posts give the impression that you are looking down your nose at us. Look at me I found a loophole, Im so smart. Im not gonna tell you what it is. Nenernener. If you find a loophole, do one of the following. Abuse it. Close it. Explain it here.

Keep in mind you can always make a proposal that says should this loophole be abused, all changes that are a result of it being abused are reversed.

Or just propose that victories made through abusing loopholes that were announced on the message boards prior to said abuse are not valid. Then you can feel free to actually announce them without fear of someone winning.