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Re(1): Kwyjibo (and everyone else for that matter)
Posted on January 27, 2005 at 02:33:29 PM by kwijibo

This is the point you dolt. 1 person read the rule and fugured it out. Congrats. I fugured it was worth a try. Thats ok though if the house of cards gets back in you will generat far more then enough wealth to win the game. Yes I know that one to. You dont seem to realize that while you are bashing me I am the only one who realizes the motives (solely yours and one others) for bringing back the house of cards. I dont think you realize there are more then one way to do this. Oh by the way for anyone who didn't read the rules this week I got ICBMed 2 more times by yours truly here. The player is angry at me for making her loose money when I lost only a little. The player is not happy that I only risked a 50/50 chance of loosing everything so the player has ICBMed me 4 times in 2 weeks making me loose more in total then almost all player combined involved in the ICBM lauch in the first place. So I suggest to you that you DO read proposal #77 carefully for it is not exactly what the player says it is. I also suggest you take a look at the players page at the amount of cards the player currently holds and take a good look at the house of cards rules and the rule in this week and wonder what the player is going to do.