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Re(3): the House of Cards
Posted on January 25, 2005 at 11:37:46 AM by kwijibo

Lets see..
read the Bingo rule currently you only need to land on 5 sqares if that to get an intire card. The numbers dont have to be unique. Second an infanate of cards is available, third the mask is way to easy to get ect....

Next is the warp bubbles am I the only one who figured out there is like 3 ways to make infinate amounts of money, warp start, warp end, infinate loop, and others...

Next we have the substaincial amount of cards some players hold which if the rule is brought back can easyly give them god mode.

I am still for just having it stay gone.
There is also the glue rule, sprigboards, the difference between landing and being on a square. read the section carefully.