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Re(8): the bingo rule
Posted on January 20, 2005 at 08:15:40 PM by ChinDoGu

First you said...

"FOR THE LOVE OF @(#((*@)(@*)(*@)(*)@(* will you people please read the rules and consider the concequences before you vote on them. There are so many flaws with this rule its bad. "

Then you said "The reason I have not noticed the hole untill now is because I was to concerned about keeping the game going and creating a plan. I read it but not carefully and now I see some flaws. So I like letting people know them even though it is a bit late."

So basically you abused us for not noticing something when you didnt even notice it.

Incidentally you may notice that I was the only other person who tried a backup plan in case you main plan against cheeze failed. Im not going to say what it was, the odds on it were bad, and it cost me quite a bit.

The point is, dont abuse people for not noticing things after the fact, its not cool. Particularly when you didnt notice it either.