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Re(6): So......
Posted on January 17, 2005 at 03:22:02 PM by Kwijibo

I took a 50/50 chance now I am a target. I played it safe. So should have everyone else. The other 2 plans that could have saved the game with votes were only a minute chance of success I took the best chance I had at keeping the game going. Please dont discredit my player for doing that. But all the terrorists can now trade amoung each other. and all the non terrorist can trade amoung each other so we now have 2 sects of people for the remaining 6 weeks. Wont that be fun. PS if anyone tries anymore loopholes I will use just as much planning to stop you as I did THE CHEESE. this was game play thats all. This means you silver car. I know what you were planning on doing with all those cards.