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Re(3): Have you read the section on proposals rule 4 carefully
Posted on January 13, 2005 at 10:16:19 PM by ChinDoGu

I beg to differ with this interpretation

First of all you interpretation is flawed in my opinion. Yes his vote counts as 16 votes. There are indeed 16 votes for the proposal. But they have all been performed by the same player. There is only one player voting for that proposal.


By rule 1
"In the event that two or more rules contradict at any time, the following resolving scheme will be used:
If one of the rules defers to another rule or explicitly states that it has precedence over the other, then that rule will have priority.
If the above situation does not resolve the conflict, the rule which has been in its current form for the longest amount of time will have priority."

You seem to be saying that Prop 41 overrides the current voting rules.. dosent, by rule 1, the older rule take precidence?