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The End is Near
Posted on December 26, 2004 at 11:07:16 AM by Kwyjibo

As most people already know there was a rule that went in last week that I dont think everyone read very well. I have and was the only no vote. TISSSZ can run into alot of problums. The first is the ICBM's and how they can be abused. Do you realize you can now warp animals with pokeballs and any person who has manure on their square can now have an ICBM launched on it the square. This becomes dangerous because TISSSZ can also be warped and you see where I am going with this dont you. A person can target and blow up a square of their choice at any time at thier whim and be able to not be a terrorist. This is only one problum in the rule there are others but wait a couple of weeks and when either the Cheese (who I am sure knows them) or I choose to use the hidden agendas of that rule players can start to die really quickly. Just thought everyone should know.