The Initial Set of Rules

I: The Admin

  1. The Admin for Nomopoly will be Jeff Yakel.
  2. The Admin will be responsible for performing moves for all players, receiving rule proposals from players, interpreting the rules, and maintaining an updated listing of the current set of rules.
  3. All decisions made by the Admin are final.

II: Players

  1. Each player in the game will be required to have a valid email address and a unique username.
  2. The Admin is not considered to be a player.

III: Ending the Game

  1. The game will immediately end and be considered a draw for all players if the Admin is ever on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Parker Brothers.

IV: Money

  1. The official unit of currency for Nomopoly will be the Nomopoly dollar. Each player begins the game with $10000 of Nomopoly money.

V: The Board

  1. The game will take place on the Nomopoly board, consisting of a sequence of ordinally numbered squares. The board must always contain at least one square.
  2. The board will initially contain 20 squares.
  3. The first square of the board will be given the number 1, and each successive square will be given the next ordinal integer.
  4. The successor of a square is the square which has the lowest value greater than the value of the current square. The successor of the highest numbered square is square #1. A square is said to be the predecessor of its successor.
  5. The squares are laid out two-dimensionally in a grid with 10 columns. Square #1 will be in the bottom left corner, and each successive square up to Square #10 can be found by moving right. Square #11 is above square #10, and each successive square up to Square #20 can then be found by moving left. This winding pattern continues for as many squares as there are on the board (similar to the layout of a Snakes and Ladders board), however, if the total number of squares is not a multiple of 10, the last row will contain less than 10 squares.
  6. At all times during the game, each player will occupy exactly one square. All players start the game on square #1.

VI: Moves

  1. When a player makes a move, the Admin will roll two regular 6-sided dice and move the player ahead on the board the amount of squares equal to the sum of the dice. By convention, the player is said to leave his current square, land on the final square, and pass over each square in between.
  2. If the dice show doubles (ie. both dice have the same number showing) the player immediately receives another move.
  3. If a player is instructed to "jump" to a particular square, he is said to leave his original square and land on the destination square, without passing over any squares.

VII: Proposals

  1. A proposal is one of the following:
  2. If a proposal is unclear, paradoxical, or is missing required information, the Admin, time permitting, may send the proposal back to the player who made it and offer suggestions as to how to fix the proposal.
  3. When a proposal is made, all players will be given the opportunity to vote on it. Each player will vote one of the following: Yes, No, or Abstain. Any player who does not submit a vote for a proposal will be assumed to have voted Abstain.
  4. If the number of players who vote Yes on a proposal is greater than the number of players who vote No, the proposal becomes a rule and is added to the current set of rules under a section as the Admin sees fit. If the proposal does not receive the required number of votes, it is discarded.
  5. The Admin has the right to veto any proposal which in his opinion is discriminatory, unfair, or in any way destructive of gameplay.

VIII: Turns

  1. One turn by definition will last one week. A turn begins on Monday and ends on the following Sunday, inclusive.
  2. Monday thru Wednesday will be Rule Proposition Period. During this period, each player will receive an email stating his dice roll and resulting move for this turn. Each player will then have the opportunity to make a proposal. All proposals will be sent by email to the Admin. Each player may make only one proposal per turn. If more than one proposal is made by the same player, only the last one will be considered. All proposals must be sent before midnight on Wednesday. Also, if for some reason the Admin requires any input from the player as to what move to make based on the dice roll, the player should include this information in the email as well.
  3. The Admin will post all proposals on the Nomopoly website before midnight Thursday.
  4. Friday and Saturday will be Voting Period. Each player will read all proposals made during the last Rule Proposition Period and will decide his vote for each proposal. The player will then email the Admin with his votes for each proposal. Votes must be received before midnight Saturday.
  5. The Admin will then add all enacted rules to the current set. The results will be posted no later than midnight Sunday, at which point the next turn begins.