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This Week (Week 14)

Opening Stuff

The Government has $15320, resulting in an even $20 going to each player.

The collected $300 from the Anti-White tax gets distributed between Death (two shares), Duck, Geppetto, Mikail, Moonchilde, Pabrowil, Pewter Hat (two shares), Pit Bull, and Vynd (two shares), at $25 per share.

Proposal 240

If a player and his best friend together meet the victory conditions, then the game shall be over and the winner shall be the one of the pair of best friends with the most nomopoly money, and second place (for the Imperial Nomic hall of Fame) shall be the other of the pair.

Accepted. I've been aiming for cooperation this game, mostly between teams, but it looks good to do it with Best Friends.

Proposal 241
Pit Bull

It seems to me the conditions for winning got a bit messed up. It is rather hard to satisfy ALL of them. I ask to reorganize the rules in section III for winning in two kinds of conditions (I also sneaked in condition e):

A player is eligible to win the game if she meets TWO of the following conditions:

A player is precluded from winning the game if he meets ONE of the following conditions:

Accepted. This was a nicer way to clean up the win condition rules that the other, far harder, way. I was hoping someone would come up with it.

Proposal 242

The Impersonator 2000 is really too powerful. It and all repackaged versions should be confiscated or otherwise disabled until a better defence is proposed and accepted.

Accepted. Impersonator 2000s shall not be sold again until a good defense is found; they will not be confiscated however. (Well, there aren't any to confiscate, but that's neither here nor there.)

Proposal 243

The Government and the Corporation have entered into negotiations on their eventual merger. To that end, the Government has agreed to give the Corporation half of its cash (rounded down), in return for the issue of 33 additional shares in the Corporation to each Registered Voter.

Rejected. There is still bitter blood between the two organizations. Actually, the bitter blood mostly comes from me because having to split the two caused endless work, but the bitterness spills over into these two entities. Neat, huh?

Proposal 244

If, just before the end of an Update, any player is about to become a winner then a vast fireworks display is set off to celebrate. All explosives (at this point Blockbusters and Toy Bombs at least) go off immediately. Explosives inside of stores explode, as do those carried by players who have not set them. If this prevents the win, those responsible for setting off the explosives look sheepish.

Accepted. Stores that sell Explosives aren't considered to be squares with Explosives in them; The Toy Shoppe isn't going to go up in flames.

Proposal 245
Minister of Right

I propose that you clairify what exactly a "Sick" Proposal is. I would say a "Sick" Proposal constantly uses the term "Barnyard Animal" and "Dyn-o-mite!". I also propose that if a player who sends a "Sick" Proposal IS a sick person, it will be treated as a fair proposal, for the obvious reason that the in-duh-vidual doesn't know better.

Rejected. First, the second half of your proposal is already taken care of. Second, there are far far sicker things than what you limit Sick Proposals to. Third, I liked "Good Times".

Proposal 246

When the tornado hits, its effects will be applied to each square separately, in random order. If the tornado reaches the square with the elephant, the elephant will plug the tornado, causing it to collapse.

Rejected. The Tornado isn't really going to effect any squares, seeing as the ruleset hasn't been changed in any substantial way since my last question-and-answered period. You may have been throwing this in on the off chance that someone else would change that aspect of the rules, but it didn't happen; you could've made the change yourself instead of resting on others. Ooh, that sounded mean. Sorry.

Proposal 247

Now that the game is finished, we should get rid of something that nobody uses anyway-Jumpgates. Because if a Tornado comes though, it's going to destroy hyperspace in all possible ways.

Rejected. Tornados aren't interstellar or astral phenomena. Besides, all that's really left of this game will be a picture of the board, and the red dotted lines look cool.

Proposal 248
The 34th Veil

I propose that the events that have happened in this game took place on the mysterious Anti-Spam Island.

Accepted. If only.

Proposal 249

If the government has $15000 or more at the time that the tornado strikes, the government will spend $15000 and build a shelter, protecting all players, properties, and objects until the tornado has passed.

Accepted. No players shall be sucked away during the Tornado if The Government has anything to say about it.

Proposal 250
Pit Bull

People might wish for a way to protect them from Impersonation. An authentication card is an electronic device sold at Dungeon deceit for $900. The card is activated by a 4-digit code of the owners choice. No voluntary transfer of possessions may take place without the card and code. The protection stays even if the card gets stolen. If a card gets lost, the owner must get a new card before any other voluntary action.

Rejected. Nice idea, but it doesn't fit the theme of the store in the slightest. And y'all thought I'd forgotten about that.

Proposal 251
Minister of Right

I propose that there be a new group of people. This group shall be know as "The People of States Without Gun Laws United" or the POSWIGLU. Silly name, serious entity. The people of this group shall have to control 2 or more squares. Anyone who goes on to these squares will get shot by their owners, and have to retreat back 4 squares. If a member goes onto another members square, they shall both shoot each other and the square will no longer be owned by the POSWIGLU.

Rejected. There are a couple of unclear things about this proposal. Would gunshot victims need to pay rent? Does everyone with two squares automatically join this group? Stuff like that.

Proposal 252
The 34th Veil

In any future reference to this game, it shalt be called "Nomopoly:The Revenge" instead of "Nomopoly II". The successor, if one is made, shall be called "Plan 3 From Nomopoly" and the Admin will no longer be addressed as such, but instead be addressed as "Ed Wood-Wannabe"

Rejected. You got the harmless "Anti-Spam Island" in, but this is a bit too far-reaching. Nomopoly One didn't really need avenging, either. (This game will, for sure, though.)

Proposal 253

The Insane Scary Screaming Guy has finally flipped. He is now The Insane Scary Screaming Suicidal Guy (TISSSG). He will take his turn as normal and then bite off his hand and then beat himself to death with it. It may not be pretty, but it's insane.

Accepted. I was waiting for the Elephant to smash the poor guy, but I guess it won't be happening.


The Pseudoplayers first:

Now, the real players: Pit Bull takes a Taxi to Dungeon Deceit. Pit Bull attempts to set Gremlins free but must wait until the start of the next update due to the whole schedule.

Now, CL turns!

The Phantom Piece is on Teal for Infrastructure. Eight new squares are added to the board, resulting in a shift in the board's width.

For those keeping track: No player has a square of every color. Geppetto owns at least one block. No player owns more than 50% of the player-owned squares. Pit Bull has more money than any other player. Pit Bull has the most shares of any player. Unfortunately, Pit Bull took some Taxi rides this Update and has been Sick. No single player can be named winner.

If Josh and The 34th Veil combined, they would have more money than any other player, but not satisfy any other winning conditions. If Geppetto and Moonchilde united, they would have more money than any other player, own at least one block, and maybe some other things. Neither Geppetto nor Moonchilde has been Sick, and neither has a Bad Credit Rating. Therefore...

A Blockbuster on The Beat Bar goes off, causing destruction all along The Beat Bar, The Toy Shoppe, and Square One. Geppetto has Explosive Insurance, and pays $50 to prevent each square from being destroyed. The pair of Best Friends still has more money than any other player.

We Have A Winner

Geppetto is the Winner of Nomopoly II, and Moonchilde comes in second. Although Moonchilde received the Charity of the leaving Cyberspazz, this did not make the Win any more or less possible, so Cyberspazz doesn't gain any titles.

The Tornado was averted, and with it all the havok.

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