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The Admin's Manifesto

Howdy. Some of you may recognize me from playing in a lot of earlier Fascist and Imperial Nomic games. I've also been in charge of a few, including Fascist 6 and 7. (Actually, let's forget about 7...)

Early games were mostly directed at players simply manipulating scores, but later games became more and more involved, usually creating some sort of adventure game that was ultimately more important to winning than the proposals were.

Some folks I talked to thought that, after a while, these adventure games had run out of good avenues for proposals. However, some vital part of the game (the timer, the ability to kill or move, or something like that) was tied to getting a proposal passed. Players were forced to try their best at expanding the already mammoth rulesets.

Another common complaint I heard was that, for some games, the resulting subgame was one that the players just wanted to play on their own, leaving the proposals completely out of the picture.

Nomopoly is my attempt at running a game with a strong subgame. The board game format is one that I (think I) can manage, so hopefully this game won't end due to the maintainer having a seizure. Feel free to try and push me on my seizure limit; the worst that can happen is that you'll get Rejected.

Oh, and a few other things are changed. Since The Imperious Emperor and The Humble Scribe have been the same person for most of the last dozen games of Imperial Nomic, I figured I'd just give myself one title: The Admin. (With such a humble title, I figure nobody will try to wrest control from me as in other games.)

There is also a fairly organized ruleset, last seen in Fascist X. The cleaner your proposals are, the better the chances that I won't mistranslate the proposal as I make it a rule.

Oh, and I picked the name "Nomopoly" because I thought it was cute. Don't let the name get you stuck in any ruts when it comes time for the rules. If, after a while, the name doesn't seem to fit the game, you can always propose a change.

Have fun.

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