Fairy Tale Committee

Below is the Petition of Intent that created the Fairy Tale Commitee of Nomic World. Unfortunately, this Committee didn't survive the demise of Nomic World.

2b694fb7: PETITION OF INTENT (Chuck, Jan 20 01:57)

This is a Petition of Intent to form a committee known as the Fairy Tale Committee. Its two-letter identifier shall be FT.

This petition is signed by the initial members of the Fairy Tale Committee:


Its initial set of ordinances is:

Ordinance FT2001
Permissibility Of The Unprohibited
Whatever is not explicitly prohibited or regulated by a rule or ordinance is permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of changing the ordinances, which is permitted only when an ordinance or set of ordinances explicitly or implicitly permits it.

Ordinance FT2002
Committee Proposals (CP's)
A Committee Proposal (CP) must consist of exactly one of the following:

  1. A proposal to enact a new ordinance
  2. A proposal to amend an ordinance
  3. A proposal to repeal an ordianace
  4. A proposal for a change in the committee state which does not change any ordinance
  5. A statement to be judged.

1-4 above shall be referred to as "normal" CP's, while 5 shall be referred to as "CFJ" CP's.

Ordinance FT2003
Senior Members
Any committee member is a senior member of this committee if he fulfills either of the following two requirements:

  1. Has been a committee member for the past fourteen days
  2. Is an initial member of the committee and has been a member since the formation of the committee.

Ordinance FT2004
Making CP's
A CP (as defined by ordinance FT2002) is proposed by putting it up for vote on the committee voting board.

Once proposed, it must remain up for the prescribed voting period.

A proposal may be proposed by any member; however, if it is proposed by a member who is not a senior member, it must by seconded by a senior member. Proposals which are proposed by senior members do not require a second. Non-members may not make proposals.

Ordinance FT2005
When Normal CP's Can Not Take Effect
No normal CP may take effect before the end of the prescribed voting period on that CP, even if its wording explicitly states otherwise. No normal CP may have retroactive application.

Ordinance FT2006
Numbering Proposals and Ordinances
Each CP put on the Committee voting notice board shall be given the letters "FT" followed by an ordinal number for reference. The numbers shall begin with 2101, and each CP shall receive the next succussive ordinal, whether or not the CP is adopted. Newly enacted ordinances receive the ordinal number of the CP that adopted them. The ordinal number of an ordinance is the first ordinal number that was assigned to it, even if it is amended.

Ordinance FT2007
Prescribed Voting Period
The prescribed voting period is five days.

Ordinance FT2008
Each senior member receives one vote. Non-members and members who are not senior members may not vote.

Ordinance FT2009
Legal Votes
On each CP, each senior member may vote YES, NO, or UNDECIDED.

Ordinance FT2010
Quorum is three votes.

Ordinance FT2011
Result of Normal CP's
A normal CP is adopted at the end of its voting period if the number of YES votes legally cast within the prescribed voting period is greater than the number of NO votes cast within the prescribed voting period, and quorum was reached.

Ordinance FT2012
Result of CFJ CP's
At the end of the voting period, a CFJ CP is Judged TRUE if quorum was reached and more than half the votes legally cast within the prescribed voting period were YES. It is judged FALSE if quorum was reached and more than half the votes legally cast within the prescribed voting period were NO. Otherwise it is judged UNDECIDED. In any case, the result becomes part of the current committee custom.

Ordinance FT2013
Judgements Are Not Ordinances
The result of a CFJ CP is not an ordinance, but merely defines the members' interpretation of the ordinances.

Ordinance FT2014
Dissolution of the Committee
This committee shall cease to exist when any of the following happen:

  1. It has fewer than five members (in accord with rule 1162C)
  2. It has fewer than three senior members who are recently active players and who are not on vacation
  3. Play within the committee, as defined by the ordinances and by current committee custom, cannot continue.

Ordinance FT2015
Fairy Tale: Definitions
A fairy tale is a sequence of 1 or more sentences posted to the committee discussion board. A completed fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time" and ends with "they lived happily ever after." A fairy tale is completed when a member legally adds a sentence that ends with "they lived happily ever after."

Ordinance FT2016
Fairy Tale: Selection of Storyteller
A new Storyteller is selected whenever one of the following occurs:

  1. Formation of this committee
  2. The current Storyteller adds a sentence to the current fairy tale or posts a sentence beginning a new fairy tale.
  3. Three days have passed since the selection of the last Storyteller.

When a Storyteller is selected, the previous Storyteller ceases to be Storyteller; there can be only one Storyteller at a time.

When a Storyteller is to be selected, the Storyteller is selected at random from all members who are recently active and not on vacation, except for the most recent Storyteller to add a sentence or begin a new fairy tale.

Ordinance FT2017
Fairy Tale: Duty of Storyteller
If there is currently a fairy tale which is not completed, the Storyteller shall add one sentence to that fairy tale. If there is no such fairy tale, the Storyteller shall begin a new fairy tale by writing one sentence beginning with "Once upon a time"

No player except for the current Storyteller may add a sentence to a fairy tale or begin a new fairy tale, as outlined in this rule.

Ordinance FT2018
Fairy Tale: Completing a Fairy Tale
The Storyteller may not add a sentence which ends in "they lived happily ever after" unless the fairy tale contains at least ten sentences.

Ordinance FT2019
Players who are not members may enter the committee's territory and read the commitee discussion and committee voting boards. They may not post to the committee discussion board, make or second CP's, vote on CP's, or add sentences to or begin fairy tales.

Ordinance FT2020
Base for members
No member may be tagged by "it" while on the committee's territory.