Rule 217 (Joev: Mutable) Proposals to Change Judgement.

# Time 6 # Amend 217 Proposals to Change Judgement

At any time during the three days after a Judgement is delivered a player may make a Proposal to change the Judgement (abbreviation: PCJ) and/or the Scope of the Judgement. The proposal should specify to what the Judgement shall be changed. The proposal should also specify a points penalty for the Judge whose Judgement is to be changed. This penalty may be in the range 5 to 50 points. Penalties outside this range, or if a penalty is not given, default to 20 points.

A Judgement may not be changed except by a PCJ; in particular, if no PCJ is made in the three days subsequent to a Judgement being made, that Judgement may not be changed.

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