Rule 211 (Chatham: Mutable) Invoking Judgment.

Any player who has a question about any statement concerning the laws and their interpretation may make a statement about that statement and call for judgment (abbreviation:CFJ) on that statement, subject to the following restrictions:

1) A player may not CFJ a statement that a certain Judgement delivered by another player is in violation of the rules. Such a claim must be handled via a PCJ (see rule 217). This rule takes precedence over rule 1054. This restriction applies only when it is the particular Judgement (i.e. True, False, Undecided) that may be in violation of the rules. If the action of returning any Judgement at all is in question, that may be decided through a CFJ.

2) Once a player has made a CFJ on a statement, no CFJ on a statement whose truth or falsehood is implied by the original statement's truth or falsehood should be made. If a statement saying that a player has made such a CFJ is judged true, then the player who made the duplicate CFJ is penalized 10 points, but the CFJ is not revoked, and it must still be judged.

3) A CFJ may contain a list of up to 5 other players who shall be "barred" from being selected as judges for that CFJ. Should the list contain more than 5 players then the list shall be considered empty.

4) If a player has five CFJ's pending, that player shall not make another CFJ until Judgement is rendered on at least one of those five CFJ's.