Rule 1279 (Geoff: Proposal) Fix Committee Loopholes.

# Amend 1226 A player may offer any number of points to another player; they shall be known as the "Offerer" throughout this rule. The player to whom the points are being offered shall be known as the "Receiver".

The Receiver may accept the offer at any time until Offerer retracts her/his offer or until the end of a game. All outstanding offers are retracted at the end of a game.

Upon accepting an offer the Receiver receives the number of points, N, offered providing the Offerer has at least N points. If the Offerer does not have this number of points then the offer is automatically retracted. Once an offer has been accepted it may not be retracted or rescinded (providing it was with the law at the time of the acceptance).

The Offerer shall have subtracted from their score the number of points N in question; the Receiver shall have added to their score the number of points N.

# Amend 1162G

A new committee may be formed by the making a proposal, by a registered player, called a PROPOSAL OF INTENT (POI). This proposal must be seconded by at least 4 players. A committee is created immediately after the proposal is adopted (if it is adopted!). The seconders and the proposer shall constitute the initial members of the committee. Should the legality of the creation of a committee be challenged (via a CFJ) then that committee shall not be created until the CFJ is resolved. The POI must contain:

(1) The proposed name of the new committee. No two committees may posess the same name at the same time.

(2) A three-letter identifier for the committee. No two committees may possess the same identifier at the same time.

(3) The INITIAL SET of the committee's ordinances. In defining the initial set, the POI may refer to a default initial set, if one exists.

# Amend 1162C

A committee must have at least 5 members. If, at any time, a committee has less than five members, the committee is dissolved.

A scoring committee must have zero or a positive numbers of points to continue operating. If at any time the committee's score becomes negative the committee is considered "insolvent" and shall have one week to become "solvent" (achieve a zero or positive score). Any member of a committee that has become insolvent shall be considered to be a "bankruptee" (of that committee). Should the committee fail to become solvent in the following week (or fall below 5 members) it will be considered "Bankrupt" and be dissolved.

Should a committee cease to be insolvent then the bankruptees of that committee shall no longer be bankruptees of that committee, although they may still be bankruptees of other committees. If a committee is dissolved it ceases to exist, losing all assets, territory and its score is cleared.

Should a committee be dissolved when that committee is insolvent all members of the committee at the time it became insolvent (bankruptee's of that committee), shall have 10 points of assets siezed and no longer be considered bankruptees of that committee.

# Enact

Assets are siezed in the following order (until the quantity of assets taken is equal to the amount of assets to be siezed) :-

a) Any postive points shall be taken. b) Any positive bonds shall be taken at the rate of 4 bonds per 3 points. c) Any positve marks shall be taken at the rate of 25 marks per point. d) Points shall be taken (resulting in a negative score for the player).

# Amend 110 Victory and End of Game Conditions

A NOMIC game ends when one or more non-bankruptee players win. A non-bankruptee is a player who is not a bankruptee of any committees.

If at least one non-bankruptee player has at least N points at any time during play, then all non-bankruptee players with the second highest score among non-bankruptee players at that time win. If no rule says otherwise, then N for winning a game is 5*(P+1), where P is the number of registered players.

If a game ends because one or more players have N points, then -- all players remain registered, -- all scores are set to zero (0), -- the rules, explicit game custom, and noticeboards remain as they were at the end of the game until they are changed by later play, -- and a new NOMIC game is begun.

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