Rule 1278 (Garf: Proposal) A President for Nomic World.

# Enact Office:The office of President shall exist, titled "The President Of Nomic World". The office shall remain empty, until filled in the manner outlined under "Transfer and Resignation" below, on the passing of this rule.

Badge of Office: The musical instrument of the President's choice (initially to be a saxophone).

Duties: The President is to be present at all official functions, smile, play golf, and generally represent all that Nomic World stands for in a charismatic and moral way.

Transfer and Resignation: The office of President is always to be filled by means of a democratic election. The office may be vacant. If a President resigns, the office shall remain empty until a new one is found only by the election process outlined below. If a candidate is elected while a President is currently in office, the office passes to the newly-elected President.

The election process is as follows: A contender for the office (called a "candidate") shall be nominated in a proposal and that proposal voted on in the standard manner. The following restrictions must be observed: The candidate may neither propose or second eir proposal for the Presidency. The candidate may not vote in any way other than "undecided". The candidate may issue propoganda, hold public rallys, hold concerts, endorse products, give away gifts, or appear with celebrities as much as e wishes during the election week. The candidate may only accept or refuse the Presidency after eir proposal has passed.

Presidential Powers: Unless stated otherwise in subsequent rules, the President shall have the power to pass or fail a proposal which fails due to an equal number of votes being cast for as against. The President's decision must be made publicly within one week of the proposal failing, and the President's initial public decision is final. Any penalties or rewards for such a situation arising then in force shall be received before the President makes eir decision.

Salary: Unless stated otherwise, 3 points per week.

# Seconds Blob