Rule 1272A (Steve: Mutable) Office of Historian.


There shall be an Office of Historian, whose duty it shall be to collect, collate, arrange and publish material pertaining to Nomic World and the activities of its players in the form of game summaries. These summaries shall be made available to all players, and posted to at least the following Usenet newsgroups:, sci.logic, sci.philosophy.meta,,, if those newsgroups are in existence. Summaries shall also be mailed to the Nomic Mailing List, if that list is in existence.

When the Historian posts a note to the discussion board stating that e has produced a summary and had it posted in accordance with this rule, and this note is posted more than four weeks after e was last awarded 10 points for posting such a note, e shall be awarded 10 points.

If any player is dissatisfied with a summary, e may make a CFJ stating that the summary is unsatisfactory. The Historian is automatically barred from Judging such a CFJ. If the statement in the CFJ passes into game custom, then the Historian is penalized 15 points.

The Office of Historian shall be transferred according to the default rules for transference of Offices.

The Badge of the Office of Historian shall be a quill. This shall be known as the Quill of the Historian. # Seconds Joev @ sign Joev:2551:Wed May 12 14:08:25 1993