Rule 1260A (Dave: Mutable) Alternate amend syntax

Enact When all of the following four conditions occur in a properly passed proposal the normal procedure for interpreting an Amend Command is not followed.

(1.) The first line of the Body following an Amend Command consists of only the single word "From."

(2.) Text following that line (hereafter referred to as the From Sub-Body) unambiguously matches text in the rule which is being amended.

(3.) There is a line following that text consisting of only the word "To."

(4.) There is text following that line (hereafter referred to as the To Sub-Body) which is a grammatically coherent replacement for the text of the. From Sub-body.

Rather, the text matched by the From Sub-Body is replaced in the amended rule with the To Sub-Body.

Spacing and the ends of lines are not considered in parsing matches. Capitalization and punctuation, however, are. By the same token, the text of a rule amended by the procedure defined in this rule may be reformatted with spacing and line breaks as required to avoid rules looking like free verse.

This rule takes precedence over Rule 107 (part 3.5) regarding What Happens When a Block is Interpreted If Its Command is an Amend Command. # Seconds Evantine

# Comment It is not expected that the game implementors will have a working model of English grammar which will allow automatic disallowing of changes not satisfying condition A-4. This should in no way affect the rule however.

@ sign Evantine:3118:Fri Apr 23 14:49:24 1993