Rule 1257A (Evantine: Mutable) Triple Witching Hour Revisited.

Enact Triple Witching Hour On the first of each month, one hour on one day from the 20th to the 28th of that month shall be randomly selected. In addition, three mutable rules shall be randomly selected. Each mutable rule must have an equal probability of being selected, and the three rules selected must be different rules.

The three rules selected shall be referred to, respectively, as the "alpha rule", the "beta rule", and the mysterious "omega rule".

Two of the selected rules (the alpha rule and the beta rule) shall be posted publically on the first of the month. The omega rule remains secret until the onset of the selected hour.

If this rule is still in effect during the randomly selected hour, known as Triple Witching Hour, then the three mutable rules that were selected (if they still exist and are still mutable), cease to be in effect. After the hour has ended, they are once again in effect. If a selected rule ceases to exist before the Witching Hour begins, then another mutable rule is selected to replace it, and that selection remains secret until the onset of the Witching Hour.

No wins by paradox are valid as a result of actions taken during the Witching Hour. This rule takes precedence over all mutable rules.

If this rule is selected to be suspended, then it immediately repeals itself. # Seconds Steve @ sign Steve:2884:Fri Apr 23 13:55:50 1993