Rule 1236A (Geoff: Mutable) Currency Regulation.

Amend 1236A

Nomic shall have two official "currency" units, the "mark" and the "bond".

At any time a person or committee desires they may convert points into currency at the following rates:

Marks: N points into 18 * N marks, Bonds: N points into N bonds,

providing they have at least (N-5) positive points at that time. The converter loses N points for creating this currency. Should a winner be declared for a game no more currency may be created until all points are reset (to 0).

A player may convert currency to points at any time during a game until a winner is decided by destroying N units of currrency (providing they have at least N units of that currency). No currency may be converted to points after a winner has been declared until all points are reset (to 0).

Unless a rule states otherwise the number of points gained for destroying:

N marks = N / 25 points (truncated to an integer), N bonds = N * 3 / 4 points (truncated to an integer).

The number of units of currency a currency holder has shall be known only to that holder. There shall be no public record of the number of units of currency held.

Currency is not destroyed between games, currency may only be created and destroyed as specified by the rules. # Seconds Steve @ sign Steve:2732:Mon Apr 5 16:40:38 1993