Rule 1211 (Reger: Change) Changing Rez's Judgment.

# Emergency

# Change

Change Rez's Judgement on Geoff's issue to FALSE. Text of Rez's judgement follows:

BEGIN QUOTE 225: I judge TRUE (I think!) (Rez, Feb 4 18:24) Geoff called for judgement on the following Issue:- Game custom shall be that the voting period for proposals 1188-1190, and 1192-1198 is 7 days. The voting period for rule 1191 shall be from the time of its proposal until 1 second after this CFJ is first judged true. The voting period for proposals numbered above 1199 shall be from the time of their proposal until 1 second after the proposal in question reaches quorum. I judge this issue to be TRUE (or SUSTAINED, whatever it is) due to the act that voting for proposals is currently in a mess. Once quorum for voting is reached, whether the rule passed or failed, it should be taken off the voting board and be put into action immediately (if passed), or ignored totally from that point on (if failed). That's my reasoning and understanding of the rules! Which rules. Don't ask me...find them yourself! END QUOTE

# Seconds Joev

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