Rule 1209 (Geoff: Change) Changing Chatham's Judgement.

# Change

Statement (for Change of Judgement): Geoff's action in proposing proposal 1044 was in violation of the rules.

(Old Verdict was TRUE with default (all) scope) Verdict: FALSE. Scope: 1035.

Reasons (not part of the official judgement): My action in proposing 1044 was NOT in violation of the rules as they stood then; the issue was resolved then and should not have been changed now. Why? Although early decision had passed (1012) the implementation (ie. early decision detection) was not 100% accurate reflection of the rule (ps. rendell programmed it - not me!). This lead to confusion about whether a not a rule had actually reached early decision. When I made the proposal 1044 the seconding rule (1035) had not been passed. Whether or not it should have been passed via early decision will never be known - how many people did vote in those last few minutes? We'll never know for certain. Hence I my proposal 1044 was fully legal since 1035 had NOT been enacted (whether or not this was an error - the voting period had not been terminated; hence 1035 was still merely a proposal). Notice the CFJ was about me making the proposal - NOT about the voting period on 1035.

Furthermore I urge new players especially to vote for this change of judgement to discourage further such (ridiculous) attempts at rewriting history (I believe Joev wasn't even registered at this time!). The situation was resolved then and we should (effectively) keep that resolution.

# Seconds Storm