Rule 1163 (Joev: Mutable) The Custodian and the Scorekeeper.

Amend 1163 Office of Scorekeeper

There shall be an officer known as the Scorekeeper. The Scorekeeper is responsible for maintaining the Scoreboard and for notifying players in the event of a win on points. They must abide by all rules governing scoring, but in cases where the rules are unclear or contradictory is to use their best judgement in determining scores. The Scorekeeper shall also maintain an up-to-date list summarizing all current methods of gaining and/or losing points and shall make said list available to all players.

The Scorekeeper may change their decisions so long as they do so within seven (7) days of the decision. Otherwise, the Scorekeeper's decisions can be changed by the passage of a proposal or the making of a Judgement which fully describes the specific changes to be made, but such proposals or CFJ's are invalid unless begun within seven (7) days of the decision being made. Decisions which are not challenged by a proposal or CFJ within seven (7) days are irreversible.

The procedure for becoming Scorekeeper is governed by the default rules for offices. The salary is 3 points per week.