Rule 1162B (Blob: Mutable) Committee Rules v2.1.

Amend 1162B

A committee's ORDINANCES are not rules, nor are collected ordinances a sub-set of the rules. An ordinance may regulate, allow, or otherwise concern itself with any area of game play, subject to the exceptions listed below. Judgement, as defined by the rules, has no jurisdiction over ordinances, except where said ordinances conflict with the following exceptions:

(a) No ordinance may affect the game-status of a non-member, except where the rules explicitly allow it. The game- status of a player includes, but is not limited to: a player's location, score, ability to vote, or relation to the rules, all as defined by the rules.

(b) A player may resign from a committee at any time. No ordinance may prevent such resignation.

(c) No ordinance may interfere with the duties (as defined by the rules) of the Minister without Portfolio, should such an office exist.