Rule 1141 (Zik: Mutable) Overturning Stefano's judgement.

Proposal: That Stefano's judgement regarding the legality of the Terrible Proposals be overturned.

Justification: The TPs are clearly quite valid. My reasoning on this is given in the explanatory note in my judgement on Stefano's judgement. It is important that these valid proposals are treated as such.

I have judged that Stefano's judgement was illegal by rule 215. Whether or not a judgement can be declared illegal by another judgement, it is important that his judgement be anulled, hence this proposal should be passed.

Passing this proposal will also remove the effect of my meta-judgement and so potentially avoid an infinite regression of judgement-killing- judgements. I feel that this is the socially responsible thing to do. --- Steve seconds.