Rule 1139 (Blob: Mutable) The Appointer of the Doofus. An office shall exist, titled "The Appointer of the Doofus", to be awarded to the proposer of this rule. Badge: The Badge of Office is to be a "Doofing Wand" with which the officer (henceforth called "the appointer") selects a new doofus. Transferral & Resignation: Default This office is transferred by the standard means for offices. Salary: NONE

The appointer has a salary of zero points per week (S=0, D=7)

Duties: The responsibility of the appointer is to award the office of "The Official Nomic Doofus" to whoever he or she deems to be fit for the office. If at any time that office does not exist, then the Appointer shall have no official responsibilities. The appointer awards the office by tapping the prospective player with his/her Doofing Wand. The player instantly becomes the doofus, and the old doofus (if any) is no longer in the office. Once a doofus is appointed, a new doofus cannot be appointed for 24 hours. Upon appointing the new Doofus (also known as "doofing" him/her) the Appointer must post a message to the Discussion notice board explaining the reasons for the appointment. --- Seconded: Stefano