Rule 1138 (Blob: Mutable) The Official Nomic Doofus. An office shall exist, titled "The Official Nomic Doofus", to be awarded to whoever the "Appointer of the Doofus" deems to be the player who has made most stupid action rececently. Badge: The Badge of Office is to be a conically shaped cap, labelled with a large D. The officer (henceforth called "the doofus") must wear this hat as long as he or she is in office. Transferral & Resignation: The office is appointed by the "Appointer of the Doofus", if such an office exists. There is no other way for a player to gain this office. The doofus may not voluntarily resign at any time. Salary: NONE No points may be awarded to the Doofus as a result of him/her being in this office. --------------- Seconded: Evantine Dec 13 10:56, Evantine says: Vladivostok!