Rule 1108 (Blob: Mutable) Playing Tag!

If at any time, there is no recently active player who is "it", then a player is randomly selected from all recently active players (except the player who was most recently "it", if such a player exists) to become "it".

The player who is "it" has the option of tagging any other registered player who is in the same room as "it".

The tagged player becomes "it" (except as outlined below) and the player who tagged em is no longer "it".

If "it" tags a player who has been "it" in the past hour, then the tagged player does not become "it", and the player who was "it" remains that way.

No player may know which player is currently "it", unless they are in the same room as "it". The player who is "it" shall be informed that e is "it" whenever e logs into the game.

Every 24 hours after e is tagged, "it" is penalised one point, so long as e has remained "it" for the entire 24 hour period.

If a player remains "it" for 7 days, then e is no longer "it". # Seconds Matthey