Rule 1077 (Joev: Mutable) The Custodian and the Scorekeeper.

Amend 1077 Custodian of the Rules

An office shall exist, called "Custodian of the Rule Book." The responsibilities of this office are:

(a) To ensure that an up-to-date record of the current rules, (the "Rule Book") is maintained. (b) To ensure that the updated record of the rules is made available to all players on a regular basis.

This Rule Book must be a faithful rendering of the current rules. They do not constitute the actual "rules."

The Custodian must ensure that appropriate changes are made to the Rule Book whenever a proposed rule change is adopted. They must ensure that the rule change directions in the proposal are precisely followed when the change is made. Any disputes must be resolved by judgment.

The procedure for becoming Custodian is governed by the default rules for offices. The salary is 3 points per week.