Rule 1054 (Chuck: Mutable) Rule Violations

If a player believes that another player or set of players has violated the rules, then a player may make a CFJ on a statement to that effect. The CFJ may specify a penalty between 5 and 15 points inclusive.

If four weeks have elapsed since the alleged violation, then, although this rule does not prevent the making of a CFJ, this rule has no application to such cases.

In the special case that the legality of some circumstance of a proposal's proposition, vote, or format is challenged, and that proposal is still up for vote at the time the CFJ is made, then the proposal shall be suspended.

When a judgment that a player violated the rules is delivered, there is the usual waiting period to allow players to make a PCJ before the outcome of the judgment becomes part of game custom. If no PCJ is made, then after the waiting period, the following consequences take place as soon as possible and practical:

(a) The penalty is assessed to the player(s) who were accused in the relevant CFJ. (b) If the rule violation was an action or actions, that action and any immediate, direct consequences shall be undone, if such undoing is practical and possible.

When a PCJ is proposed before the end of the waiting period, the above consequences do not take place unless and until the PCJ fails. There is no waiting period after the failure of a PCJ.

In the case of a judgment other than TRUE, any proposals suspended as a result of that CFJ shall be immediately unsuspended.

This rule takes precedence over any mutable rules which would prevent the illegal action from being undone. # Seconds Chatham @ sign Chatham:2934:Fri Apr 23 13:14:36 1993