Rule 1052 (Chatham: Mutable) Forfeiture and Deregistration.

# Amend 1052 Any player who forfeits the game is immediately deregistered. Such a player may not reregister unless all scores have been reset to zero (0) since that player's deregistration.

A player may also deregister from the game without forfeiting. When a player posts that he or she wishes to deregister, that player remains registered for a length a time equal to the longest possible voting period on a proposal. At the end of this time, he or she is deregistered.

During the time between posting and being deregistered, the player may not make or second a proposal. The player automatically refuses any selection for judgment.

If, at any time during this period, the player decides against deregistering, then these restrictions are instantly revoked, and the deregistration does not take place.

# Seconds Chuck Chuck seconded Jan 28 11:07 Nomic Standard Time.