The Unit Descriptions

Green boxes are Land Units. Gray boxes are Space Units. Blue boxes are Sea Units.

UnitUpgraded fromDomainAttackDefenceHarvesting RateCostTime to trainOther
SoldierN/ALand66$1,000,000N/AN/AReceive a soldier when one of your proposals passes.
ScoutSoldierLand33$1,000,000$2,000,0001 turnMay move through 4 territories in a single turn, surveying each territory as it passes them. May pass through opponent's territories, but must end its move on an unoccupied territory or one owned by the player moving. Other players will see the starting and ending territories of the movement, but not the path taken.
ArtillerySoldierLand1010N/A$4,000,0002 turnsCannot survey territories. Takes one full turn to move.
Harvester PeonSoldierLand11$2,000,000$1,000,000NoneN/A
Spy SatelliteScoutSpace00N/A$5,000,0002 turnsMay move through 10 territories in a single turn, surveying each territory as it passes them. Does not activate mercenaries.
Artillery SatelliteArtillerySpace126N/A$5,000,0002 turnsTakes one full turn to move. May attack or defend the territory it occupies, or any of the six territories directly bordering it.
Satellite HunterSoldierSpace88N/A$5,000,0002 turnsMay only attack other space units.
Demolition SatelliteSoldierSpace06N/A$10,000,0003 turnsMay attack buildings. In order to attack a building, the Demolition Satellite must be placed over the territory containing the target building, and roll a 6 sided dice each turn it is over the building. The building will be destroyed if two consecutive dice rolls in two consecutive turns add up to at least 10. A player may use multiple Demolition Satellites to attack a building. Multiple Demolition Satellites will have their dice rolls added, but the minimum time needed to destroy a building is still two turns.
Grenade ThrowerArtilleryLand1010N/A$2,000,0001 turnCannot survey territories. Takes one full turn to move. Can attack a territory that is up to 2 hexes away, as opposed to the normal 1.
PikemanSoldierLand312N/A$2,000,0001 turnN/A
Harvesting Peon Wearing Lazy ShellHarvester PeonLand36$2,500,000$2,000,0001 turnMay defend while harvesting.
Coral StripperN/ASea11$2,000,000$1,500,0001 turnMay only move on water, ignoring shipping paths. May be purchased by a player owning a port. The unit is placed on a port owned by the player when created. One port may not produce more than one Coral Stripper at a time.
Space ShuttleSpy SatelliteSpace00N/A$1,000,0001 turnMay move through 10 territories in a single turn, surveying each territory as it passes them. May transport up to 7 units with it when moving, as long as the destination territory is not water. Does not activate mercenaries.
Mobile ICBMSoldierLand93N/A$5,000,0002 turnsMay attack space units that are in the same territory as the unit.
Fixed ICBMN/ALand57N/A$3,000,0002 turnsMay attack space units. Fixed to a building. If the associated building is destroyed, the Fixed ICBM is also destroyed.
MedicSoldierLand33N/A$3,000,0001 turnMay only be built by a player owning a Hospital. Starts with 5 healing points, each of which may be used to restore 1 hit point of a unit either on the same territory of the medic or an adjacent territory. May be set to either Automatic or Manual mode. In Automatic mode, the medic will automatically heal all units within its radius, and in Manual Mode, the player must explicitly specify when to heal a unit. The Medic may restock its 5 healing points by occupying a territory containing a Hospital and paying $2,000,000. A Medic may only restock during the player's turn.