Welcome to Nomic Risk

If you're reading this, you're probably one of the players for Nomic Risk. (If not, go away). This game is going to be quite different from both Nomopoly and Risk, so please read the Initial Rules before the game begins. If you find any problems with the initial rules, please let me know. By the way, we're probably going to start the game on Monday, May 10.

The first thing worth noting is the format of the game. A sequence of turns will no longer last exactly one week, as each player needs to take their turns in order in this game. So, you will receive an email when it is your turn, and you will then submit all of your actions for your turn, which will probably include a proposal. The proposal will then be posted on the Proposals page. Players will then be able to vote on the proposal. The deadline for voting on a proposal will be at the beginning of the next turn of the player who made the proposal, so everyone will have taken a turn and thus been to the website since the proposal is posted. As long as you vote before the deadline, you may submit votes at any time, so all you need to do is vote on all proposals you haven't already voted on each time it's your turn. Also, to make things simpler, I will assume that you will vote Yes on your own proposals (unless you specify otherwise).

Since you may want to perform many actions during the same turn, and you may send them in more than one email, please explicitly state "I am done my turn" in your email when you are done your turn. This will help speed things up and avoid confusion.

Please make sure you are checking your email at least once every couple of days or so, especially if your turn might be coming up soon. If you don't respond to the email that states it's your turn within 48 hours, you will lose your turn. (This 48 hours is not carved in stone, just be reasonable). By the same token, if you don't plan on doing any actions during your turn, email me stating that you are done your turn, rather than just waiting 48 hours for you to lose your turn and thus slowing the game down for everyone. If for some reason you are unable to email me, please contact me by phone or some other way so that I can keep the game going at a steady pace.

One final note. We had a lot of really cool rules in Nomopoly that never really got utilized. If you wish, feel free to borrow rules from Nomopoly and put them into Nomic Risk in some form.

Any other questions, feel free to email me.