Simpson Free Point Program

(Initiated on: 3 Jan 97, text of the original offer)

Statement of Purpose

I, Mark Simpson, wish certain rules or amendments enacted. To this end I offer to any player who successfully has a proposal which meets the any of my goals ,which I set forth below, enacted the sum of five (5) points, which will naturally be deducted form my own point total). This will be called the Simpson Free Point Program, or SFPP for short.

Limited Time Offer

This offer will be recinded at a later date when I feel that the goals have been reached or enough work has been done to their ends.

Offer of Help

If any player would like to take me up on this offer but is having difficulty with the proposal itself, I will willingly donate my time and thought to the task and not ask for any points in return.

Simple Request

The only thing I ask for is that the enacted rule contains a clause which clearly states the support fo the Simpson Free Point Program.

The Goals

These are the following rule-changes I would like to see:

  1. The clearing up of the question of participation in the vote, and the end of the voting period.
  2. A lowering of the points awarded for proposals.
  3. Amendments to Rule 303:
    1. Fix grammar of clause iii
    2. Fix loophole of clause iv (effect vs. affect, simply change to only a player can put themselves in or out of Panic Mode).
    3. Allow the automatic removal of players who are in Panic Mode for a long period of time.
    4. Allow Panicked players to be skipped over if it is their turn.
  4. A rule which allows the easy amendment of rules for purposes of correction of spelling and grammar errors.
  5. Speed up the game (for instance allowing 2 or 3 players to operate simoultaneously..
  6. Amendment to Rule 305:
    1. Fix loophole in clause 2d.
  7. Institute new goals (which might not be win conditions) such as: medals, honors, positions, quests, money, games, &c.
  8. Produce official positions/offices.

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