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21 Jan 97

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Proposal 307 [17 Jan 97]
Title: To Decide who Lives and who Dies: Part I
Proposer:John Dunkelberg
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Nomic concordance and collegiate observers.

In order to form a more perfect Nomic, it has come to my attention that changes in the classification and activity of players is necessary. Unfortunately, I believe that this will require the modification of Rule 105. It is possible to handle what we desire by using a system such as Rule 303, but I dislike the idea of all past players constantly voting "dead" or "withdrawn". Not to mention that this does not handle the problem with adding players who are already dead, fictional, or from alternate universes.

Thus I propose the following rule change:

i) That Rule 105 be transmuted from Immutable to Mutable.

Voting Period: Voting shall commence at 8:00 pm on 20 January 1997 and shall terminate at 8:00 pm on 22 January 1997.

Vote Result: (For: John Mark Shawn Against: )



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