Rule 318

Proposed by: Andrew

Approval date: Mon Mar 11 Midnight UTC 1996

A person wishing to join NEWT shall communicate in some fashion with the Speaker. The Speaker shall then transmit this communication to every Player, along with a description of the status the person will acquire should e become a Player. Within the next 150 hours, any Player may submit a Statement stating that the person is ineligible to join NEWT. In the absence of a Judgement of True on such a Statement, the person becomes a Player according to the norms specified in the communication.

[COMMENTS:] This is basically set up so that the Players need not use up Proposals on introducing new Players. The complicated wording is necessary to allow the Speaker to do things like choose a Player Number, assign a reasonable score, or assign any other attributes Players may acquire in the future. Mention should also be made of things like numbers of proposals submitted in a given Nomic week, etetera. The Players can always shoot this down for a good reason.

Voting Record

Andrew - FOR (nice to have official way of adding people)
Carolyn - ABSTAIN
the Reverend - FOR
Tim - :-)

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