Number 1

In accordance with rule 212, I invoke judgement. I have a disagreement
regarding rule 105 regarding the definition of "player". With respect to
the vote on proposal 301, this Nomic appears to be stuck while waiting for
Benjamin Gimpert to cast his vote.

 I have examined the eGroups message archive and have not found even one
message from Benjamin Gimpert. I feel that his status as player in this
Nomic is questionable at best. To ensure this Nomic doesn't fall apart even
before it gets off the ground, I suggest we consider that Benjamin Gimpert
is not a player at this time. If we ever hear from him, we can reinstate
him as a player at that time.

 Now correct me if I'm wrong, I feel that according to rule 212 I am the
judge for settling this particular question, since I would preceed Kevan in
the order of play. If that is the case, I feel compelled to agree with
myself. If no one has disagreements over this matter, I would say lets
continue the game with Jon Grimm's turn.

- - -
Jeffrey J. Weston

Consent Vote:

Kevan: Consent
Benjamin Gimpert: no vote yet
Jon Grimm: Consent
Doctroid: no vote yet
Eric Strathmeyer: Consent
Jeffery Weston: Consent