Current Proposals

Age of the no 2nd Name :)

Proposal 301 : Naming Ceremony

Submitted by: Kevan

Enact a new Mutable Rule with the following indented text:-

This Nomic shall have two official names. The first official
name shall be "N_omic" (pronounced "Nunderscorenomic").

The second official name shall be either Naomic, Neomic,
Nhomic, Niomic, Nnomic, Noomic, Nuomic or Nyomic. This name
may only be altered through means specified by the ruleset.

Any Player may post a message to the mailing list with the
subject line "Age of [name]", where "[name]" is one of the
possible second official names of N_omic.

Upon posting such a message, N_omic's second official name
shall become that stated in the subject line, and the Player
who posted the message shall lose five points in payment for
the ceremony.

Upon this Rule's enactment, N_omic's second official name
shall be set to "Nuomic" and this paragraph shall
automatically remove itself from the ruleset.


Kevan: FOR
Gimpert: no vote yet
Grimm: FOR
Doctroid: FOR
Strathmeyer: AGAINST
Weston: FOR
Proposal Fails.

Proposal 302: Defining Players

Submitted by Jon A Grimm

1. Rule 105 is hereby transmuted to a mutable rule.

2. Rule 105 is amended to read: A player is any person who posts eir desire to play on the mailing list for N_omic located at http://www.egroups.com/group/n_omic. Every player is an eligible voter. Every eligible voter must participate in every vote on rule-changes, unless the eligible voter has announced eir absence to the other players in advance.

Voting Record

Grimm: FOR