London Underground Map Data - Why SQL?

London Underground Map Data - Why SQL?

The main reason for outputting all this information as SQL statements is that once it's in that form I can put it into a relational database. Once it's all in a relational database, I can query it.

This is not the place for extolling the virtues of the relational database, but suffice it to say that I got some good results out easily once the information was in there. For instance:

It is this last which was the stimulus for doing all this work in the first place, since what I needed was a formula for spin values which could be applied to all stations and produce values in a certain range, with an even distribution across this range, and with values that changed a lot over a short distance. This is the kind of formula which can only be determined by fiddling a lot and seeing how the results work out, and having the data in an RDBMS was a sensible way of changing formula and seeing howthe results varied.

Since Spin was just too complicated a property to manage, I gave up on it (Becks had failed, after all, and that was much simpler!) so I never came up with a particularly good formula. But that's just life sometimes.

Anyway, I will publish the queries I used for these different reports at some stage, although not right at the minute.