Dunx' Mornington Nomic Biography
Dunx' biography

Short, pithy, job titley description - I'm a software engineer working for Oracle (the world's largest database software company and second largest anything software company) developing CASE software. I got an Honours degree in Computer Science from Liverpool University, graduating in 1988. The most interesting project I did was a programming assignment to generate mazes, which means I like recursion (a rare thing, I find).

Proper, personal description - I've been hacking around with these computer things for about fifteen years now. Since it was my hobby and I was good at it, it seemed obvious enough to do a degree and go into the computing industry. Despite almost a decade's industrial experience, I still think of myself as a programmer really.

Mornington Crescent interests: I play on the York server, as well as being a regular on IRC MC on Sunday nights. I have another bio on the IRC MC homepage at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/7101/ - it's true about the Bible class competition, and about God for that matter.

Note for the interested: this bio was originally posted tu the MN mailing list. As far as I know, it is nowhere else on the Web - spooky, huh?

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