HUMPHMornington Crescent. As usual, teams, special rule applies, and that is the diagonal moves are excluded when green is faced downwards (laughs), you've got that?
TIMOh, great.
GRAEMEGreen is?
BARRYDue to the demise of Opportunity Knocks.
HUMPHBarry, you seem to be in good form, so you'd better start this round.
BARRYSavile Row.
WILLYMornington Crescent.
HUMPHI warned you, Barry, about green being faced downwards.
TIMYou were too busy larking about with Hughie Green.
BARRYI'm sorry, I'm sorry.
HUMPHWho's going to start? Willy Rushton.
WILLYPembridge Crescent.
GRAEMEQueen's Park.
TIMOh, Willy.
WILLYDon't blame me, do something clever.
TIMNow you ask me!
BARRYCome on, come on.
TIMRegent's Park Road.
TIMYes, it's the South ... not the Finchley one.
GRAEMEYou can't have the two - can he?
BARRYI don't think so.
GRAEMENot with Regent's Park.
TIMCan ljust ask - the Jubilee line we haven't brought in yet, have we?
HUMPHNot as far as I know.
TIMRight. Well, you're the boss. Well, I stick by it.
BARRYPentonville Road.
WILLYTooting Bec High Street.
TIMAh ha.
GRAEMEI didn't say 'ning'.
WILLYIt's cat and mouse again.
GRAEME I didn't get as far as 'ning'. Beak Street.
TIMPhoenix Street.
BARRYAlbernarle Street.
WILLYGoodge Street.
GRAEMEMornington Crescent.
HUMPHI could see that coming a mile off.
TIMBe fair.
HUMPHWell, Graeme Garden and Barry Cryer, you win that round.