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The History of MacroNomic

MacroNomic is not what it used to be. Long, long ago, it was named MicroNomic, in an effort to protest against the size of the laws of other Nomics. Micronomic later became insignificant, and was replaced by MicroNomic II. MicroNomic II became great, but was threatened. In an unprecedented move in Nomic history, MicroNomic II absorbed the two Nomics known as MicroNomic and PNomic. Strengthened by these new citizens, it remnamed itself to MacroNomic, proclaiming its great strength. Then, on April 1, 1998, the first Revolutionary Party seized control, dramatically modifying the rules in an effort against the death that so many good Nomics see. They were very successful. Now, the Nomic is back to health, under the superb rule of our current revolutionary party.

The first revolutionary party was made up of our great fathers, Philo, Henry Towsner, and Ed Murphy.