Larry "America's Most Ineligible Bachelor" Gilbert ([info]l2g) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2002-05-07 10:55:00
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New game; open membership begins
We have declared a revolution and decided to start the game over. :-)

We are now in an open membership period. All who are interested in playing the next game are welcome to join.

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2002-05-07 19:38 (link)
I stand and offer my sword in service to the game.

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2002-05-07 21:00 (link)
Are you planning on reverting the Rules, continuing with the Rules as they now stand, or coming up with a modified initial Ruleset?

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2002-05-07 23:52 (link)
Some combination of the first and last, I think. I see us starting with Mr. Suber's initial rules, then playing constitutional convention (as he puts it) and working out some rules pre-game. Originally, the only pre-game rule change we made was to allow taking turns in order by LiveJournal username. Since the prior game ended in a stalemate when one player simply stopped playing, I think we will also need to spell out what happens when someone takes too long to act for whatever reason.

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2002-05-09 16:01 (link)
should be easy to resolve someone not acting. they are violating rules, judge can have them booted... still i generally propose rules in first few rounds to get gameplay to proceed regardless without bringing up judgments and stalemates. :-)

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2002-05-11 08:26 (link)
Any player who fails to start eir turn within (n) days is deemed to have forfeited it. The turn passes to the next player.

Any player who is required to return judgment who fails to do so within (n) days is removed as if e has returned judgment and that judgment was successfully appealed. The duty to judge passes to the next player.

Any player who is required to vote and fails to do so within (n) days is deemed to have abstained. Abstensions are not counted as votes either for or against. Abstentions do not destroy unanimity; but a vote where every player abstains fails.

We can argue over values of (n), on penalties for any or all of these, or on when failure to act is grounds for removal.

Please note that the option of letting a judge remove a nonresponsible player is inadequate in the case where the nonresponsive player is the current judge.

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2002-05-16 00:35 (link)
yaaa reset. i'm baack.
let the torture begin :)

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