Cyrano ([info]cyranocyrano) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2002-05-05 23:14:00
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So now it's the first.
Larry? Did you ever hear from the 'other person that might be interested'?
If not, we should consider who gets to go first.

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2002-05-06 00:21 (link)
I'd suggest throwing the community membership open again and letting people join to show that they'd like to join the game. I will try to track down the interested party.

Does anyone object to me continuing to maintain the rule set?

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2002-05-06 09:43 (link)
No objections, Your Honor.

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2002-05-07 07:36 (link)
Um, yeah, sure, whatever. I'm certainly not rule oriented enough to take the job.

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2002-05-07 10:52 (link)
Not rule-oriented enough?? Dude, rules are what the game is all about! ;-)

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2002-05-07 10:56 (link)
Here he is. Welcome, [info]aquatwo!

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