Cyrano ([info]cyranocyrano) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2001-04-26 17:23:00
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I can't see a place where it determines any process for the order on a vote, but I'm assuming it goes clockwise starting either at the person who suggested the new rule or the person to their left. (Insert changes for electronic turn taking.)

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2001-04-26 20:14 (link)
Dude, you're confusing me... :-)

Hey, I got the text message you sent me on my phone. I've heard that the slowness and instability on LJ over the last day or two are now a thing of the past.

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2001-04-26 20:27 (link)
I was asserting that, despite the lack of structure for voting, I was assuming it would follow the format of the turn-taking itself.
(We would vote in alphabetical order, starting with either the person who suggested the change or the person below them, alphabetically.)

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Re: Confusing
2001-04-26 21:01 (link)
Going by the initial set of rules, there is no concept of order of votes. Everyone simply must vote on each proposal. A proposal is adopted if it gets enough votes in favor. A vote counts as a vote whether or not it came before or after anyone else's vote. Of course, all of that is subject to change during the course of the game. :-)

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Oh yeah
2001-04-26 20:29 (link)
Regarding the text message--I was testing the messaging thingie while I tried to make the date function do something it didn't want to do. Check the 'suggestions' board for details.

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